Assemble Afrofuturism


Assemble (Pittsburgh)


June 24, 2022


Met with teachers over at assemble to work with the kids on the superhero self concept. We began by introducing the company to the kids, then began working to encourage them to tap into their superhero selves. We started by letting the kids build their superhero avatar on the Dah Varsity App. The kids worked in groups for this part of the assignment. Then after the kids got to build their avatars, the children continued the Dah Varsity app experience by reading about different famous people and their unique stories, like Alicia Keys. After the children were familiarized with a few real-life superhero stories, we let the children then work on paper, creating their own super stories, touching on their superpowers, motives, use of STEAM and how their characters will make an impact on the world.

Afterwards we allowed the children to get back to using the app, however the new update still had some bugs that needed to be worked out halting gameplay. Damola improvised, and instead we allowed the kids to come up and present some of their superhero creations, some of the students even brought up clay figurines of the characters.

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