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I was inspired to become a Mechanical Engineer by an Autonomous Vehicle, Knight Rider, and an A.I. K.I.T.T.  I want to provide every child with the resources, opportunities, and support I provide for my own Child. – Co-Founder Damola Idowu

Ideas shouldn’t just reside in our Minds we should be able to fabricate them, share them, and sell them in 3D physically or virtually.

We are founded by a Father-son duo of engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs with fascinating backgrounds and accomplishments.

Like Father like son in Engineering

Our story

Enrolling in classes at Syracuse University at 15 and enrolling as a dual Mechanical Engineering and Economics Major at Syracuse at 16 Co-Founder Damola Idowu won an Engineering design competition at 18 as a Junior at Howard University after transferring from Syracuse University. 

Raised in Ward 8 in DC, Co-Founder Wole Idowu was a Thiel 20 Under 20 Finalist at 15 after graduating HS. He enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University at 15 and graduated with an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree along with 2 minors in in Business by 20. 

Art and Music fused with Science Fiction and Hip-Hop Culture.

In 1995 our co-founder infused Engineering, science fiction, and idealism with hip hop. He created Super Hero Rap and create a multi-media character Da Great Deity Dah. Not only music but a comic book.  The character will say rhymes like “measurements on the modulator in sines” along with addressing various social justice issues of the day. 

Entrepreneurship intersects with Hip-Hop Culture

In 2002 Co-founder launched Owners Illustrated with 50 Cent on the cover to highlight the intersection of Hip-Hop and Entrepreneurship. He interviewed product designers like J Mays and C suite executives like Waymo CEO John Krafcik. In 2007 TOYZ magazine launched covering hip-hop and the intersection of Cars, Gadgets, and Video games. We now impact the Future of Work in the industry.

Inspiring Students for STEAM Careers with IGDA, EA Sports and Epic Games

Owners Illustrated Magazine was created as a manual for creative to learn from each other on how to monetize their IP using best practices from Hip-Hop culture. TOYZ Magazine later called TOYZNATION was created to educate about technology opportunities and gaming tournaments, product reviews, student engagement events were a part of a publication that inspired co-founder Wole Idowu to design his own sustainable electronic products, graduate HS at 15, and be featured on CNBC. He also became an EA employee and work on the Madden Team. Every student should have the same opportunity and resources. Wole gained experience in Hardware, software, game design, entrepreneurship, arts, and social impact. 

Building our Product at Carnegie Mellon University

Wole developed the TOYZ Watch and launch a student organization on campus called TNGL (Toyz Nation Gaming League). We used Hunt Library as a maker space and bring diverse interdisciplinary students together for Hackathons. At the ETC we launched a multi-generational program and invited diverse parents and their children to experience playtest day and meet game developers. Wole was honored as an Intel #Hackharassment ambassador and Damola partnered with the music department to make an anti-bullying PSA and also a Hip-Hop Jazz Fusion album that went global.

Anybody can become a TOYZMAKER

With world-class knowledge from C-Suite executives, product designers, and global cultural influences, and first-hand experiences for our diverse founders along with advisors and collaborators on campus we provide a culturally relevant curriculum that is unique and second to none.  You can learn and then distribute your ideas on our

We train trainers to facilitate blended or virtual learning. 

This is our TOYZSTORY. Visit Us at

and learn to become

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