Learn Today Earn Tomorrow as a TOYZMAKER

Career Readiness & Workforce Experience for Gen Z

Upskilling and providing tangible pathways and resources to diverse students enhanced by AI to support them to college or the workforce.  Students get Experiential and Practical Knowledge for College Students with AI to match to Mentors and College Alumni and gamified workforce simulations. Students Resumes are ganified as a trading card that updates in real-time as you earn credentials and badges

AntiRacist Technology

MIT Solve Finalists for Anti-Racist Technology. Toyz Electronics is in the MIT Solve Incubator for Unbundling Policing.

Developed at CMU

Developed at the same Project Olympus incubator at Carnegie Mellon University as Duolingo

Student Marketplace

Create, Sell, and Tell stories of Superhero Rap Toys of yourself and update your Trading Card Resume as you earn credentials and badges in the video game


Project based Culturally Relevant and responsive STEAM + Maker + Entrepreneurship curriculum infused with Hip-hop culture, music, gaming, 3D Models, comics, and design


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focused using Superhero Rap through use of art, culture, and storytelling. Learners and teachers interact and get to know each others stories and aspirations

Mentor Training

Adult Learners Mentor and Teach younger learners while obtaining marketable workforce and storytelling skills

Our Amazing Clients and Venture Investors

Gen Z Focused Colleges and Corporations and Venture capital investors

This App empowers diverse and disadvantaged students to become the Superhero versions of themselves and get to select Universities like Carnegie Mellon and MIT or pathway to sustainable careers in creative, hardware, software, manufacturing, or entrepreneurship. It’s based on our Black Superhero Father and Son co-founder duo. Father Damola Idowu enrolled at Syracuse University at 16 studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics. Son Wole Idowu enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University at 15 studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

Changing the Future of Work and empowering STEAM Superheroes with Storytelling and the process of creating content for video games.


Dah-Varsity can virtually simulate any industry. Here's what we have currently.




Learning engineering feeds our AI model to personalize user experience.

Featured in The News

The Media and Industry are Enamored with Toyz Electronics

Watch our CBS News interview!

“When you open the Dah-Varsity app, you become a superhero. Inspired by the story of Idowu and his son, users are taken into a world where instead of facing off with comic book rogues, they are given interactive learning experiences centered on math, music, literature, design, and prototyping.”

“Damola recognizes representation and access to cutting-edge technology as one of the biggest challenges to diversifying industries. Virtual reality equipment, for example, can be expensive and inaccessible. And, even if the technology is made accessible, there’s no guarantee that representative training is available.”

“The group is putting learning into overdrive at the Washington Auto Show”

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