100 Blackmen of Western PA & Digital Foundry Workshop


July 13, 2022


Toyz Electronics was able to present the Dah-Varsity app and the superhero rap concept to students from New Kensington in western Pennsylvania on July 13th, 2022.  The students were from the previous sessions at Penn State New Kensington. They thought the kids about their entrepreneurial journey and how they developed their game and application. Students were able to create their own avatars and 3D files which will be printed as 3D models at a later date. They also got to tell their superhero stories. Students were highly engaged and some even began to dance to emulate the moves in the game. This culturally relevant connection resonated and enhanced their learning experience of STEAM concepts. The students were able to receive their 3D models of the avatars they had created previously. They also got an opportunity to create audio stories and record them. They worked in collaborative groups and what was intended to be a 2 hour workshop turned out to be over 4 hours as a diverse group of students were able to work together for the first time and collaboratively storytell their superhero rap STEAM-inspired stories and record their productions. They left the session with 2 takeaways in the form of 3D models and also audio recordings.  

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