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The Toyz Watch (TZN1) , an Android Computer on your Wrist. It has phone call making and internet capabilities WITHOUT needing to pair with a phone! This smartwatch features Android 5.1 OS, an integrated camera, Plays Augmented Reality, Games, GPS for Navigation, internet access, a heart rate monitor, music streaming and playing, Bluetooth and Wifi, the FULL Google Play Store, quad core processor,  16GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, 400×400 1.39 in display, & so much more.

Check the Toyz Watch in action on our instagram (@toyzelectronics) and on our YouTube page!

From Toyz Electronics, a Carnegie Mellon Startup.




The Toyz Watch is a smartwatch from Toyz Electronics, an official Carnegie Mellon University startup. It works completely independent from the phone and runs FULL Android, has Call, SMS, Internet Access, the FULL Google Play Store, Camera, Wifi, Bluetooth, Heart Rate, and a slew of custom apps fit for health, wellness, gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle needs!

The watch has been used for medical research at some institutions. At hackathons hosted at Carnegie Mellon, students have been able to utilize the smartwatch to develop applications in health, wellness and gaming. With the watch, students from all backgrounds, skill levels, ethnicities, universities, genders, and fields of study were engaged and able learn to develop on a wearable platform utilizing our smartwatch, making them developers in the growing wearable community.

Check the Toyz Watch in action on our instagram (@toyzelectronics) and on our YouTube page!




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