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This is a special bundle that adds the Toyz Watch to the special bundle for Da Great Deity Dah’s latest project. Following up on over 20 years of the finest in hip-hop lyricism and the best in music soundscapes, the new album, Chronicles of The Electromagnetic Field General, Live From Carnegie Mellon, takes you on a journey through the world and into the mind of one of the finest MC’s the world has ever seen. This 11 track album features live music and vintage rhymes from Da Great Deity Dah. The music is produced by Moods and Vibrations and Da Great Deity Dah with music coordination at the live session done by Dawoud Shahedu of the 5Bros MCs. This project is available on multiple formats: Digital, CD, Vinyl, and Action Figure USB. Your pre-order the vinyl bundle with this package includes: Android Smart Watch, CD, a test press vinyl, retail vinyl, action figure USB with music from all 5 CD’s, T-Shirt, In addition to a book of rhymes and essays titled _”Chronicles of The Electromagnetic Field General, Book of Rhymes and Essays, ¬†along with a comic book. Track listing; 1. Dapper Prologue ¬†2. Dapper 3. Life or Death 4. Empty State 5. TV Screens and Magazines. 6.Stop The Bullying 7. Penetrate The Soul 8.What’s Happening 7. Penetrate The Soul 8. What’s Happening 9. The Antidote 10. Bless The Dead 11. NASA (Astral Travel)


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