Swartz Center CMU Event with Summer Academy for Math & Science (SAMS) Program


Swartz Center CMU


 July 19, 2019


On July 19th, 2019 Toyz Electronics held a workshop at Carnegie Mellon University Swartz Center with Sam’s program. We invited students from 11th and 12th grades and we had over 50 students engaged in two sessions for them to gain exposure to exciting introductions to STEAM. Damola and Wole, Toyz Electronic’s founder and co-founder, shared their entrepreneurial stories, then they encouraged the students to write about their own personal stories, create animated characters, gain exposure to game design. Afterwards, students were able to journey through Damola’s international experience in the game with him via videos and pictures he took when Damola traveled around the world and collaborated with global musicians and creators.  Great responses and feedback were given by the students and the educators. 

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