Preparing our Children for the Future of Work and Entrepreneurship by Empowering them.

We have a creator’s platform that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (STEAM), and Entrepreneurship to give students several ways to monetize their skills in several Industries. Students are inspired to learn by telling their own stories, creating content, and making and selling their own Superhero Rap TOYZ. 


Students K-College

Learn a wide range of skills. Technical skills like; coding, 3D modeling, and product design. Creative and Design Skills. Entrepreneurial Skills. Soft skills like; communication, teamwork, inclusiveness, and emotional intelligence. Growth intelligence

We train students to empower other students with a wide range of skills using literacy, numeracy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and content creation in a culturally responsive way.


Multi discipline intro course

The class gives exposure to music, writing, storytelling, comic books, entrepreneurship, podcasting, hip-hop culture, and creating video game assets. 

MUSIC Creation and Technology

Music Technology and global culture course

Based on a music project sponsored by Intel to #HackHarrasment The class teaches students how music and technology can impact society through global cultural impact. 

The 50 Cent Economy

Business and Entrepreneurship course

This course teaches the approach 50 Cent took to generate over $14 billion in realized value. Students also get hands-on experience with their own projects. This class uses experiential and project-based learning. 

We have Empowered over 2000 Students with our various partners, supporters, collaborators, and customers.

Culturally Relevant

Over 3.5 Million computer-related jobs would be created by 2026 in the United States. Yet only 40% of US schools train for CS pathways.  The majority of the over 56 million students in the USA enrolled in K-12 education are children of color. However, Blacks and Hispanics make up less than 6% of the workforce in the software and computer engineering fields. 

Creative Storytelling

Everyone has a back story that influences their character. We empower students to find their voice and share their stories in powerful ways. These skills create inclusive environments, innovative products, and resonant messaging that transform product development. This creates the collaborative, diverse, innovative, inclusive workforce and entrepreneurs of the future. Using Super Hero Rap they learn idealism, science concepts, and growth intelligence. 

We have been developing our product on the Campus of Carnegie Mellon University for years.

We designed our products to prepare diverse students to thrive at schools like Carnegie Mellon. If they can thrive here they can succeed anywhere. We leverage the best minds in social impact, entrepreneurship, engineering, design, arts, along with our own cofounder’s unique background as “Super Hero”, engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to design our products.  Our hardware are used as learning and development tools. Students are trained in the same process we used to make our products.

We are here

4620 Henry St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: (510)-309-7377

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