Over 3.5 Million computer-related jobs would be created by 2026 in the United States. There are over 56 million students in the USA enrolled in K-12 education. The majority of them are children of color yet African Americans and Hispanics make up less than 6% of the workforce in software and computer engineering fields.

There are over 20 million students in US colleges. The majority of them are women yet they make up less than 30% of the employment in the software and computer engineering fields.

Manufacturing is changing it’s getting advanced with automation and robotics. Yet only 40% of US schools train for CS pathways.

In a rapidly advancing and connected world, how do we innovate and train the workforce and entrepreneurs of the future?

Toyz Electronics, a Carnegie Mellon University startup, is an Ed-Tech company with an e-commerce and virtual learning platform that empowers students to learn a wide range of skills by making and selling their own TOYZ.

We provide critical human intelligence and data analysis of emerging demographics in the process. 

Students become

This increases the diverse and innovative talent pool for computer-related careers in (STEAM), Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. 

By changing learning incentives from being punitive and exclusive we alter the focus from specific pathways to finding the aspirational destination of each student.

This unlocks inspiration and innovation with personal ownership through imagination, interaction, and creative expression. 

Parents, educators, future employers, and other stakeholders gain better insights into the next generation. This facilitates better decision making and life choices. 

We have also collaborated globally with talented people of various backgrounds unlocking their maker potential. We can help any organization improve its cohesive maker potential. 

We train trainers to empower students with a wide range of skills using literacy, numeracy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and content creation in a culturally responsive way.

We have Empowered over 2000 Students with our various partners, supporters, collaborators, and customers.

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